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"I was looking for a different gift idea for my loved ones for an event. A gift that "stays", a personalized gift. I had seen the drawings made by this artist on social networks: portraits with an original and current style.

Portraits that reminded me a little of Comès, a talented designer who used penciling and naivety to bring out the essence of a face. Simple lines where the look carries the soul, the life of the drawing. And something contemporary emerged from his drawings. A “blues-rock concert poster” side with minimalist poetry.

I contacted Oceya to find out a little more. Remote portrait? In photo? Choice of colors, decor? Prices ? Time limit ?

She was very responsive and attentive. Beyond the sweet price, she sought to understand the general psychology of "bitten" and took care to submit the project to me once drawn. This made it possible to make modifications and improvements compared to my expectations.

I had two portraits made by Oceya who I really recommend for her sincere signature of the drawing and her seriousness."

Paulo Petrichor

Oceya is a true artist, she is full of ideas. Her multiple talents make her very versatile and allow her to have a global vision of your project. She quickly identifies your expectations and knows how to bring your ideas to life. It's as if she understands what you need before you do.

Its visual universe is very beautiful, it has a real original identity to offer even if it knows how to adapt completely to your request.

She worked on two logos for the singing lessons that I offer.

On the other hand, I called on her for the cover of my album. She was very respectful of my musical universe and my desires. She really listened: colors, shapes, characters and always took the time to make the requested modifications. She took the lead on the formats, without me asking, by adapting them according to their uses: web, printing etc.

She also created the logo for my group's name.

I highly recommend Oceya and will personally continue to work with her in the future.

Alix Buronfosse - A voice to sing / Loba

“Oceya creates tailor-made portraits, full of poetry, very representative of the interiority of her models”

Nathalie Pastier - ArtBook Edition

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